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Degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

4. Secret Master

5. Perfect Master

6. Intimate Secretary

7. Provost and Judge

8. Intendant of Buildings

9. Master Elect of Nine

10. Master Elect of Fifteen

11. Sublime Master Elected

12. Grand Master Architect

13. Royal Arch of Enoch

14. Grand Elect, Perfect and Sublime Master Mason

15. Knight of the East or Sword

16. Prince of Jerusalem

17. Knights of the East and West

18. Knight of the Rose-Croix de Heredom

19. Grand Pontiff

20. Grand Master of all Symbolic Lodges

21. Noachite or Prussian Knight

22. Knight of the Royal Axe

23. Chief of the Tabernacle

24. Prince of the Tabernacle

25. Knight of the Brazen Serpent

26. Prince of Mercy

27 Commander of the Temple

28. Knight of the Sun

29. Knight of St Andrew, or Patriarch of the Crusades

30. Knight Kadosh

31. Grand Inspector Commander

32. Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret.

33. Inspector-General


The Eleventh Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, and the Eight of the Ineffable Series


This the third of the Elu or Elect Degrees, was intended to emblematically illustrate the reward conferred by King Solomon upon twelve of the Masters Elect of Fifteen who were instrumental in bringing to justice the assassins of the Master Builder Hiram, constituting them Governors over the twelve tribes of Israel, - instructing us that the true and faithful Brother will sooner or later receive his just reward, and morally teaching us to be earnest, honest, and sincere, and to protect the people against illegal impositions and exactions.


This Lodge is also called a Chapter, and is decorated like that of the Tenth degree, with the same hangings.

It is lighted, however, by 12 lights, by threes, in the East, West, North, and South-each three forming an equilateral triangle.


Same as in the Tenth degree.

The Chapter regularly consists of twelve members only.


The apron is white, lined, edged and fringed with black, and the flap black. In the middle of the apron as painted or embroidered a flaming heart.

The cordon is a black ribbon, Worn from right to left. Over the heart is painted or embroidered upon it a flaming heart; and over that, the words Vincere aut Mori

The altar is uncovered, and supports the four great lights, cross-swords, and two daggers. Points of swords, when on an altar, should always be from the East.

The jewel is a dagger, worn suspended to the sash.

The age is 12 years.

Battery - ************


Q. What is your name?

A. Emeth.

Q. What does it signify?

A. A true man - just, fair, sincere, faithful, fearing God.

Q. Where were you received a Prince Emeth, or Elu of the Twelve?

A. In a place representing the audience-chamber of King Solomon.

Q. How many compose a Chapter of Sublime Elu of the Twelve?

A. Twelve or more.

T.: P.: What does it signify?

A. That my faith cannot be shaken, and my confidence is in God.

Q. What are the characteristics of an Elu of the Twelve?

A. He is frank, fair, sincere, straightforward, reliable, honest, and upright, and thus is Emeth, a true man.

Who were the first Elus of the Twelve?

A. Those whom King Solomon made Princes and Governors in Israel.

G.: Or.: That the people among whom we live may be protected against illegal impositions.

J.: G.: W.: That they may be secured in the enjoyment of their political and social rights.

G.: W.: That the burdens of the government may be equally apportioned.

All. We are and will forever remain united.

G.: Or.: We will be true unto all men.

J.: G.: W.: We will be frank, honest, and sincere in all things.

S.: G.: W.: We will be earnest in doing that which it may be our duty to do.

T.: P.: No man shall repent that he has relied upon our word.

All. And to this we pledge ourselves as Masons and as true men.


Justice will surely overtake the guilty, and the offence be unerringly followed by its consequences. Freedom of the State can only be attained and perpetuated by instructing the people, by following ignorance into its darkest dens, and there smiting it mortally, without mercy. My brethren, the affairs of the living, too long neglected in our sorrow. for the dead and our pursuit of the assassins, now demand our attention. Many complaints have accumulated, and much wrong and oppression is charged to exist.

I will create twelve of the fifteen Master Elus to be Governors in Israel, with the title of Princes Emeth, giving them in charge the collection of the revenues of my realm, and supreme control, each in his province, as my vice-regents and immediate representatives. They shall, also, when assembled, constitute a Chapter, and a new degree in Masonry be thus created, called the Sublime Elu of the Twelve. And, in order that no one may be offended or mortified, let the twelve be selected by lot.

My brethren, are you willing to take upon yourselves the duties of Governors in Israel and chiefs over the tribute, with the resolution to discharge those duties faithfully and impartially ?

Will you promise to deal honestly and fairly by all men - to know no distinctions of persons-and to see that none are subjected to exaction, extortion, or unjust impositions of burdens ?

P... I invest you, my brother, with the apron, collar, and jewel of this degree; remember that you wear them as the successor and representative of a Sublime Elu or Prince Emeth of the Court of King Solomon; and that your conduct and conversation must be such as becomes one invested with so high an honour The flaming hearts are symbols of that zeal and devotedness that ought to animate you, and the motto is your pledge that you will rather die than betray the cause of the people, or be overcome through your own fear or fault.


G.: Or.: The history of this degree is brief. After punishment had been inflicted on the murderers mentioned in the preceding degrees, King Solomon instituted this degree, both as a recompense for the zeal and constancy of the Elus of the Fifteen, who had assisted him to discover them, and also to enable him to elevate other deserving brethren from the lower degrees to those of places in the higher, which had been vacated by their promotion. Twelve of these fifteen he elected Sublime Knights, and made the selection by ballot, that he might give none offence, putting the names of the whole in an urn. The first twelve that were drawn he formed into a Chapter, and gave them command over the twelve tribes. He gave them the name of Emeth, which is a Hebrew word signifying a true man. He exhibited to them the precious things which were deposited in the tabernacle. These, my brother, are the chief objects delineated on our tracing-board, and these you should make the constant subject of your reflections. These last three degrees constitute what are called the Elu degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish rite. They elucidate a particular part of the legendary history of Freemasonry, and constitute a peculiar system which is necessarily contained in every rite. In the York rite the Elus are combined into one, and form a part of the third degree. In the French rite they constitute a separate degree, called "Elu," and forming the fourth degree of that rite. In some of the other systems of Masonry the Elus have been divided into numerous degrees, but their purport is always the same to give details of the detection and punishment, by chosen or elected brethren, of those murderers who first stained the escutcheon of Freemasonry by an atrocious crime.


T.: P.: Brother Senior Grand Warden, what is the hour?

S.: G.: W.: The twelfth hour of the day, Thrice Potent.

T.: P.: Then it is time to close this Chapter of Sublime Elu of the Twelve. Cause the brethren to assemble around the altar, that, renewing our pledges to each other, we may close in due and ancient form.

S.: G.: W.:  Brethren, you will please assemble around the altar, and assist the Thrice Potent Grand Master to close this Chapter in due and ancient form

Home Lectures of the Craft Lectures of the Holy Royal Arch Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite The Royal Order of Scotland York Rite Side Degrees English Knights Templar Order of Women Freemasons Walter Leslie Wilmshurst Preston Illustrations of Masonry Masonic Tutor Support

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